donderdag 27 januari 2011

Honden en Kattenfight?

Bah, bah, BAH.
Ik hou er niet van als mensen denken dat Honden en Katten niet met elkaar overweg kunnen. Ik ga jullie bewijzen dat Honden en Katten wel degelijk plezier kunnen hebben samen.
En hoe kan dat niet beter om jullie schattige kleine pluizenbolletjes en kwijlbekkies te laten zien?
Samen uit samen thuis! <3

 Ziet dit er nou vijandig uit?

 Dikke knuffels van de hond....
Of fijne kopjes van de kat....

Zie je nou wel dat honden en katten niet altijd een zwaard in de strijd hoeven te gooien!?
Veel honden en katten kunnen de strijdbijl prima begraven :3
En nu ik toch bezig ben.... Waarom zou ik niet nog wat plaatjes op zoeken van kleine lieve Pups en Kittens?
Komt ie 8D

Zijn ze niet schattig!?
Welk plaatje vind jij het mooist?
En ik zou het ook leuk vinden als je een berichtje achterliet als je een huisdier hebt 8D
Naam, ras etc.
Wat heeft jou voorkeur? Kat of Hond?
Ik wil het allemaal weten OwO"~

Toodles, Rox~

maandag 24 januari 2011

The biiiiiig switch

Omg omg omg,
Ik ben juist ter ore gekomen dat mijn manier van Engels typen niet in de smaak valt.
Daar gaan we wat aan doooeeehoeeeennnnnn.
Vanaaf NU ga ik Nederlands praten.
Wat vind je me daarvan 8D
Nu ga ik nog nieuwe topics verzinnen en dan kunnen we zo aan de slag.

Toodles, Rox~


Poop,shit, crap, meep . _.

Yeah I know.
I’m pretty sure you are staring at the screen right now like O .o “Wtf Rox, what’s with all those words.”
Well I’ll tell you.
Today I’m going to talk about……BAD WORDS
Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn.
Yeah >:3
Everybody uses them. EVERYBODY.
There’s not even a single person who doesn’t use bad words.
Even if it was just one single time.
It’s just a second nature inside us, telling us we need to use bad words whenever something bad happens.
Lots of people say fuck, shit, crap, poop.
But let’s be creative!~
I wan’t to make a new bad word with you guys 8D
So I kinda made this game thing,,…. I spend a lot of time on it so I hope you’re going to enjoy it.
You start picking your fave colour, and then your fave animal @-@”~ So you’ll pick random words, AAAND I get to know you better!
How epic is that~!
Here we go! WOOTWOOT. * 3*~

Fave colour:
Red                – Fu
Green             – Cr
Blue               – Da
Purple           –Sh
Yellow           –Me
Brown            –Po
Grey               –Wh
Orange          –He
Pink               –Gr
Other             –Po

Fave animal:
Dog                -op
Cat                  -ck
Horse             -ap
Bird                -mn
Mouse           -ock
Bunny                        -ut
Cow               -at
Camel                        -ll
Llama            -ep
Other             -um

Here, I’ll do one too.
My fave colour is Purple so I have the “Sh”
And my fave animal is a dog so I have  “op”
That makes “shop”
Oh… > -< What a weird bad word o .o
“Ahh shop I forgot my glasses! “
I see some of the words have a default.
Makes it even funnier to me 8D

Toodles, Rox~

Erhhh, shit.

Oops o.o~
I've been so busy checking other people's blogs lately.
I totally forgot to blog stuff myself.
xD not that I have people following me anyway > x>
Well I don't have a topic for today :S I really should think about something.
No wonder no one's following me T -T I'm effing boring.
Well, What would you people want me to write about?
Please tell me, I'd be dieing to know * 3*~

Toodles, Rox~

donderdag 20 januari 2011

Music, what to do without it.

Rock, Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, R&B, Metal, J-pop, Orchestra, Choir Etc.
It's all Music, and everyone has a different type of music. >o<
My type is a bit difficult to understand.
I love little "Sorrowed" songs. Like Piano, Violin etc. 8D
I listen to A LOT of soundtracks of games and movies.
Sometimes I listen to Pop or Rock.
The music I listen to really depends on my mood :3

Lately I've been really into Celtic/Medieval music 8D
If you like this style you should check out "Vox Vulgaris"
Such beautiful songs with flute's etc 8D

Now what kind of music are YOU into?~
I'm very curious O wO"!
Tell meeeeee =w=

Toodles, Rox~

woensdag 19 januari 2011

Insaaaaaane Mustache Love

Some people don't know the true art behind Mustaches.
I think we Mustache-Lovers need to knock some freaking sence into them!


If you wanna find more mustaches go to
Toodles, Rox~

My Blog o .o"

Ooooohsshhhh 8D I'm so excited. ~Does a nooby dance all around the place~
You see, I get bored very easily and well,... Sometimes you just don't know what to do anymore.
These boring days where you finished your homework and nobody's online on Msn and you have no SHIT to do.... Well that's how I felt when I started this blog :3
Now I totally feel like working on it.
I'm new as you can see.

My name is Roxane but I prefer to be called by my nickname "Rox"
Feel free to talk with me about EVERYTHING.
And please don't mind that I'm as INSANE as my blog title sais OwO"~
I'm 15 years old and I live in Holland.
So EXCUSE ME if you don't understand me and my horrible English... I'm just not a native English speaker!
Aaaaaanyway, be sure to check out my things and ask questions and shit.

Now I have a question for you aswell:
What do you do on your most boring days?
I'd love to hear from you <3  - blows kisses at you -  (Whoever is reading this Blog.... Probably no one ToT)

Toodles, Rox~