maandag 24 januari 2011

Poop,shit, crap, meep . _.

Yeah I know.
I’m pretty sure you are staring at the screen right now like O .o “Wtf Rox, what’s with all those words.”
Well I’ll tell you.
Today I’m going to talk about……BAD WORDS
Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn.
Yeah >:3
Everybody uses them. EVERYBODY.
There’s not even a single person who doesn’t use bad words.
Even if it was just one single time.
It’s just a second nature inside us, telling us we need to use bad words whenever something bad happens.
Lots of people say fuck, shit, crap, poop.
But let’s be creative!~
I wan’t to make a new bad word with you guys 8D
So I kinda made this game thing,,…. I spend a lot of time on it so I hope you’re going to enjoy it.
You start picking your fave colour, and then your fave animal @-@”~ So you’ll pick random words, AAAND I get to know you better!
How epic is that~!
Here we go! WOOTWOOT. * 3*~

Fave colour:
Red                – Fu
Green             – Cr
Blue               – Da
Purple           –Sh
Yellow           –Me
Brown            –Po
Grey               –Wh
Orange          –He
Pink               –Gr
Other             –Po

Fave animal:
Dog                -op
Cat                  -ck
Horse             -ap
Bird                -mn
Mouse           -ock
Bunny                        -ut
Cow               -at
Camel                        -ll
Llama            -ep
Other             -um

Here, I’ll do one too.
My fave colour is Purple so I have the “Sh”
And my fave animal is a dog so I have  “op”
That makes “shop”
Oh… > -< What a weird bad word o .o
“Ahh shop I forgot my glasses! “
I see some of the words have a default.
Makes it even funnier to me 8D

Toodles, Rox~

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Evaa-Aylin zei

Owh Daum, my baaad word is

woh daum, i just pooped next the toilet
doeg roxie!