woensdag 19 januari 2011

My Blog o .o"

Ooooohsshhhh 8D I'm so excited. ~Does a nooby dance all around the place~
You see, I get bored very easily and well,... Sometimes you just don't know what to do anymore.
These boring days where you finished your homework and nobody's online on Msn and you have no SHIT to do.... Well that's how I felt when I started this blog :3
Now I totally feel like working on it.
I'm new as you can see.

My name is Roxane but I prefer to be called by my nickname "Rox"
Feel free to talk with me about EVERYTHING.
And please don't mind that I'm as INSANE as my blog title sais OwO"~
I'm 15 years old and I live in Holland.
So EXCUSE ME if you don't understand me and my horrible English... I'm just not a native English speaker!
Aaaaaanyway, be sure to check out my things and ask questions and shit.

Now I have a question for you aswell:
What do you do on your most boring days?
I'd love to hear from you <3  - blows kisses at you -  (Whoever is reading this Blog.... Probably no one ToT)

Toodles, Rox~

2 opmerkingen:

Evaa-Aylin zei


do I have to write English to now your allso writing Enlish?
omg i'm so bad in this.
very cooooolish blog!
I got one to, but I don't think It's good as yours.
YUCH, there's something on your face
It was PAIN! >:]

well, when I get bored am actualy watching tv. or dooing stuff like this, but this is my first time either on this site so..

nouja, doeg!xxxxx

ps; mijn engels is zoooooslecht, excuus voor fouten

Rox zei

You don't have to talk English if you don't want to ^ x^"
But I'll respon back to you in English anyway
* 3*
Your English is very good so far! 8D
Thanks for the compliments, I'll take a look at your blog for sure!

Toodles, Rox~